About Us

Rafaya Agircultural Development Company

A Leading company in the production and manfacturing of palm dates and their derivatives



Within the framework of the Kingdom’s endeavor to increase agricultural investment and its keenness to support agricultural projects, the Al-Rafia Agricultural Development Company was established as a project for the production of dates in Al-Ahsa since 1401 AH – 1981 AD according to the latest methods of agriculture, irrigation and drainage, as there are 8 artesian wells at a depth of 450 m and a modern irrigation network Production and production in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, industrial production for the production and the area of ​​the factory to establish a factory for packing dates with an area of ​​12,000 square meters and a production line for the production of date paste A line for the manufacture of date molasses with the latest manufacturing under the supervision of national and medium engineering cadres in the field of dates manufacturing and affiliated to Al-Rafaia Company


Sections under Al-Rafaia Agricultural Development Company:


Dates production farm

Dates sterilization section

Laser sorting line for sorting dates according to size and color

Dates washing line

 Number of 6 lines and statistics of high quality promoted dates

Date paste manufacturing line with a capacity of 15 tons per day

Dates molasses processing line with a capacity of 10 tons per day

14 cold warehouses – with a storage capacity of 8000 tons



International certificates granted to the company


Global C.A.P


ISO2005: 22000

Saudi dates mark